Letter Dated 7/28/2015

Hello Troop 160 family,

As many of you who are involved in youth activities are aware, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is requiring a comprehensive set of background checks (Act 153) to be initiated this fall for any adult who works with youth.  These requirements will be in addition to the registration, background check, and youth protection training that the BSA requires all Scouting volunteers to complete.  If you have completed these Act 153 requirements in your career or volunteer work, you are not required to complete them again, just submit copies of the paperwork as required.

Marcel Cinquina, our Council Executive is the council point person in implementing this program.  Mark Davis has graciously taken on the task of collecting the completed forms from our Troop 160 volunteers and submitting them to our council.  If you have any questions, please submit them to Mark Davis at CommitteeChair@troop160bsa.org.

I am attaching a letter from Marcel (CouncilClearanceDirections) that outlines all of the questions, important dates, and required links for you to complete the Act 153 requirements.  Please save this letter as it will be your guide to complete this process.  If you are interested in volunteering in the Troop and have yet to register as an adult leader, please go to myscouting.org and complete Youth Protection Training.  After you successfully complete your training, please print out your certificate and include it with your registration form that I will give you when we meet in September.  This registration form will need to be signed by Mr. Davis and Mrs. Schlosser prior to it being submitted to Council.

Please note that in order for us to include you in our troop roster for the upcoming year, these forms will need to be completed by the end of November.  We ask that you please do not delay in submitting them.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you for your support of Troop 160!

John M. D’Elia
Scoutmaster – Troop 160

Additional comments 

The current rules and guidelines are still evolving and will be subject to interpretation, legal testing, and refinement for years to come. The Council interpretation is more stringent than the interpretation by KeepKidsSafe.PA.gov and there are inconsistencies.  We will follow the direction of the Northeast PA Council and I will seek clarification from the Council if needed.

  • We are currently lacking clear direction on the frequency of clearance renewals
  • Fees should be waived as long as you are not requesting clearances more frequently than every 60 months (5 years)
  • You can use the same clearances for multiple volunteer positions.  Keep a copy in a safe place.  This means you are making THREE copies; one for Council, one for the Troop, and one for yourself.  (Modified 9/3/2015: We are storing all documents in PDF format.   If you can email PDF documents to me and retain your own copy of the PDF files then we do not need any printed copies.  I can print what I need for council and we have permission to store the Troop copy electronically)
  • Some organizations are requiring immediate notification of any arrest that might invalidate the clearances.  We are lacking clarity from Council in this regard.