Upcoming Events

UpcomingEventsThere are several events coming up.  This post shows the amounts and due dates in one post to help families remember these important dates.

A) Please discuss with your family and sign up now on the website.

B) Pay attention to the final due dates for payment.  Most of these events will not allow late-comers.

C) All of these events except the Canoe Trip are open to all Scouts, including the new Arrow of Light Scouts.

D) We added the spring camporee to our plan since some Scouts were unable to attend the Valley Forge trip due to a school trip – plus the trip looks like tremendous fun and includes a train ride.

There is a potential camp out being planned for April.  Stay tuned.

Final Payment
Due Date
Event Event Date Amount
May 5th and May 12th Summer Camp 7/9-7/16 $335
May 26th – Deposit due Niagara Falls Camporee 10/8-10/10 $50 deposit, ($225 total)
June 9th Canoe Trip (age 14 and older) 6/25-6/26 TBD
Sept 10th Niagara Falls Camporee 10/8-10/10 Final payment of $175

Mrs. Schlosser will accept payments for all events except Summer Camp.  Mr. Ross handles summer camp payments.

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