The Parent and Scout Campout

Our annual Parent and Scout camp out was held on Saturday, March 7, through Sunday, March 8. The event had a large turnout, and included a new set of Webelo scouts, crossing over into Boy Scouts soon. The campout itself was chilly, which made for excellent sledding conditions.

The day consisted mainly of several different stations of one scout teaching several scouts a skill. There were several different stations, including knot tying, fire building, and Dutch oven cooking. At the knot tying station, the scouts were taught how to tie some more basic knots, such as the 2 half hitches or a square knot, as well as more complex knots such as the timber high or the sheet bend. The fire building station taught about the different types of fire wood, and demonstrated different ways to light fires. The Dutch oven cooking station taught the scouts how to utilize the versatility of a Dutch oven to cook all different types of food while away from the luxury of electric stoves and

After these stations had run their course, there was free time until dinner. During this free time, a few of my friends and I sat down to play what we thought would be a friendly round of cards. What started as a simple game of war turned into a 3 hour face off between David Boeth and myself. At the end of the match, I eventually lost.

Dinner that night consisted of a traditional Thanksgiving meal. There was Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, cranberry sauce, green beans, and rolls. The food was very satisfying after a long, chilly day outdoors.

After dinner, everyone gathered in the hall of the lodge for a campfire. There were many clever skits, songs, and jokes told at the campfire. Of course, a good Troop 160 campfire wouldn’t be complete without Mr. Jones singing some classic songs, such as “Sippin’ Cider” or “Top Notcher.” After the mood of the campfire had died down, Mr. Jones led us all in Scout Vespers.

The next morning, we packed up our tents and gear before eating a filling breakfast. Breakfast consisted of sausage links, French toast, hash browns, and pastries. After breakfast, we all helped to tidy up the lodge and left for our homes.

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