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Troop 160 Canoe Expedition 2018

Date: June 23, 2018

Troop 160 Canoe Trip

June 23-24 2018


First Class

Entering 9th grade this fall

Passed the swimmer test at camp

Younger Scouts may go with an Adult with permission of the trip leader.

Cost (per person):

Canoe Rental$75



A deposit of $30 is required to hold you place on the signup sheet.

Maximum 10 canoes (20 canoeists).

Trip details

Plan to leave very early on Saturday morning. You must make your own transportation arrangements. You will need a ride to the drop off and from the

pickup site. (More details to follow on transportation)

We depart from Bob Landers Campground - Narrowsburg, NY - around 8:30am

We canoe down river Saturday to the overnight campsite.(not accessible by car)

Sunday we proceed downstream to Matamoras and arrive around 2:30pm (Bob Landers Landing)

We will travel aproximately 45 miles on the water.

All Canoeists will need rides to Narrowsburg on Saturday and need to arrange their own pickup on Sunday at Matamoras.

If you go too far, you will wind up in the Atlantic Ocean.

Pack as if you were hiking on a long trail - very light.

Sleeping bag (check the forcast for low temperature/rain)

Ground cloth

Change of clothes

Small Towel

Person gear - toothbrush, bowl/spoon, cup, etc.

All of the above must be wrapped in a waterproof bag and will not be accessible until Saturday night.

Bring a small bag with your canoe gear: hat, long sleeve shirt (lightweight for sun protection), rain gear, sunglasses, sunscreen, water bottle.

These will be accessed during the day.


Good discipline is very important. Everyone must wear shoes and a life jacket at all times. All canoes must stay in sight of one another. Sunburn is

a major concern. If the river is too low we may use empty canoes and ferry the gear to our campsite. If adults want to use personal watercraft, they need to

discuss it with Mr Jones. We all need to have our canoes in the water and paddles in hand no later than 9:00 am on Saturday.


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What Name
Canoeists #1: Thom Heaney
#2: Logan Heaney
#3: Jacob Breckinridge
#4: Mr. Paddle Upstream Breckinridge
#5: Bill Walters
#6: Jake Walters
#7: Justin Hopkins
#8: Josh Davis
#9: Dave Jones
#11: Al Nole
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Clarks Summit, PA