Rotary Pasta Dinner

SpaghettiOur Troop is helping to sell tickets for the Rotary Pasta Dinner. Please see Mrs. Schlosser to acquire tickets.  Money is due back by March 18th.

We’d appreciate Parent’s getting involved here.  The Rotary Club of the Abingtons is the Chartering organization for Troop 160 for over 85 years.  They have the responsibility to oversee Troop leadership and function, and they’ve provided significant financial support.  We owe them!  We can show our appreciation by supporting their Pasta Dinner and by selling tickets to others in the community.  If anyone has ever seen the Fourth of July Fireworks then they also owe the Rotary Club.  Big time!

The Rotary Club will give some of the proceeds back to Troop 160 for our general fund in proportion to the number of tickets we sell.

The dinner is on Sunday March 26th at the high school cafeteria from 12pm-4pm.  Take out is available.

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