Ross elected Senior Patrol Leader

In a stunning victory, J. Ross was elected Senior Patrol Leader for the 2014-2015 Scout year for Troop 160.  Ross will lead Assistant Senior Patrol Leader’s A. D’Elia and B. Melliand in designing and executing a top notch program, leveraging the leadership of the Patrol Leaders and other senior leaders in the Troop.  Ross is already off to a running start, and has had a number of meetings to start planning the year.

Ross and D’Elia attended the Troop Committee meeting on July 27th and announced an key change for the Troop.  Beginning this year, Troop 160 will wear an official Troop 160 neckerchief and slide.  It was decided that the new neckerchief will further show the uniqueness and identity of the Troop.  The upcoming travelling camporee to Washington D.C. was raised as an example where it will make a difference.

Ross, D’Elia and Melliand will design the neckerchief and we hope to have them on hand for the first meeting.  The neckerchief cost will be included in the Troop registration fee.  There is no additional cost.

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