Rank Requirements

Here are the new rank requirements that we are now mandated to use in 2017. If you have an “old” book,  click on the link to he left to open the file. Search for your next rank and print off those pages for the new requirements.

Back Packing Gear

Use these gear lists to get started  and modify them based on the specifics of your event.  Will it be cold, hot, or wet, and what are the activities for which you should Be Prepared?

Eagle Scout Application

This is a link to the official Eagle Application and Process on the BSA website.  This page is full of guidance, and helpful information to guide you on your trail of the Eagle. The Eagle Application form can be completed online and printed, or can be saved to your computer.

Northeastern PA BSA

The Northeastern PA Council website has information on events within our District (Dan Beard). There are links to pages on Summer Camp, Advancement, Training and more. 

Troop 160 Code of Conduct

Troop 160 requires that all new Scouts and Parent’s sign the Troop 160 Code of Conduct.  This form may need to be signed again if there are language revisions.  The Code of Conduct clearly describes our expectations for Scout and Adult behavior.  Consequently, no one will be surprised by behavior requirements or by the consequences of not living up to the Troop’s conduct expectations.


The BSA Medical Form must be completed annually and is a requirement for summer camp.  The form always needs a doctor’s signature, and is due in May.