God and Church Award

Protestant Religious Award

GodAndChurchFor all Protestant denominations

  • Expecting 9 bi-weekly (every-other week) group participation from Feb 26 through June, 2015
  • Meetings on Thursday 6-7:15 pm (not PLC nights) before scout meeting
  • Opportunity for “new to church” boys as well

 Key Elements:

  • Who Is Jesus
  • The relationship of Jesus, the Church, and you
  • Overview to the Bible: history, structure, message
  • Memorize or very good understanding of a dozen verses and a church valued creed
  • Understand purpose of Lord’s Supper and Baptism
  • Short history of your church
  • Develop a video of your adventure
  • Some service times focused for serving your church and community

Any Questions please call  Counselor/Facilitator  Michael Storey at 570.614.3707 (cell) or 570.561.0775 (home)

Student book:  $5 each either from NEPA Scout Office store or order the first night

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