Earn Money For Scout Activities

TasteAbingtonsOur sponsoring organization the Rotary Club of the Abingtons is offering a fundraising opportunity for Troop 160 Scouts.  They’ve offered a commission to the Troop for any ticket we can sell to the Rotary’s Taste the Abingtons event.    For every $25 ticket sold the Scout will earn $10 towards a future Troop event.  The Troop will earn $2.50 for each ticket.

The Taste of the Abingtons is a wonderful event and is being held on Sunday, September 13th, 2015 from 5-8 pm at the Inn at Nichols Village.  Thirty restaurants will be there offering samples from their best dishes.  Its a lot of fun and well worth the $25 per person ticket price.

The Rotary Club is a community organization, best know for their sponsorship of the Abington’s Fourth of July Fireworks.  They provide support for Troop 160 and have sponsored us for over 80 years.  Please support your Scout and the Rotary by buying tickets to this great event.

Tickets to sell or buy can be obtained from Mr. Davis.  Call 570-587-1099 to arrange to pick up your tickets.   Scouts need to return $25 per ticket or any unsold tickets by September 6th.  Tickets will also be available during Scout Camp and at Family Night.

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