Communications Merit Badge

CommunicationsMBA class for Communications Merit Badge will be held on five Thursday nights beginning on January 12th, 2016 from 6pm-7:15pm.  Beginning 1/26/17 the class will start at 6:30 pm).   The class will be held at the Clarks Summit United Methodist Church.  Scouts will need to fully prepare requirements between classes and will present their completed work during the class.

Sign up now HERE.  There are 10 openings.

Attached is a workbook that has all the requirements and can be used to guide your work.  You should consider getting and reading a Communications merit badge book, including the option of downloading to your mobile device which costs about $4.25.

Communications Workbook

Scouts should prepare and be ready to present requirement # 1C prior to the meeting by getting your personal story in order.  You’ll present your personal story while the other Scouts take notes.  Please note that you must do 1″C”.   The talk should be no more than 2 minutes and will be timed.   Also prepare requirement 2 – either of the options and have that ready for the first class.

  • January 12th – Requirements 1C and 2 are due.
  • January 19th – Requirements 3 and 4 are due.
  • January 26th – Requirements 6 and 7 are due.  Beginning tonight the class starts at 6:30 pm
  • February 2nd – Requirements 8 and 9 are due.
  • February 9th – Requirements 5 is due. This requires some pre-planning in order to attend a public meeting such as a school board or borough council meeting.

Scouts should bring a blue card signed by their Scoutmaster to the first meeting.

The class is supervised jointly by Merit Badge Counselor’s Mr. Mark Davis and Mrs. Patricia Schlosser.  This class is open to any Scout within the Northeast PA Council.

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