Canoe High Adventure

When: August 19th – 23rd. Leaving Wednesday night, returning Sunday night

Where: Old forge, NY. The Fulton chain of lakes to Long lake

CanoeWhiteWaterWhat: We will be canoeing 43 miles across  9 lakes, estuaries and rivers.  There will be several portages(carrying the canoes and gear), a few will be a mile in distance, 3 miles if we need to make two trips. There will be some rapids, including one that we must carry around.

Who: This is a very demanding trip, You must have completed 8th grade and be at least First Class. Exceptions may be made if your parent is also going.

Cost: Approximately $120 per person. This includes canoe rental, portage cart, and food.  If you have your own canoe that will reduce the cost $100 per canoe($50 per person).  Unless you want to carry your canoe on your shoulders we need to rent carts($6 per cart). The outfitter has a limited number available.  Transportation cost back to our vehicles has not yet been included(it is included with daily rentals, our longer trip may be out of their range and we will have additional passengers not renting).  Camping fees for Wednesday night have not been calculated yet.

Due to limited camping areas, our group size will be no more than twelve people.  Also assuming that we have a third adult/driver.

Plan on packing as if you are backpacking.  Weight is of utmost importance, You will be carrying what you bring as well as the canoe which is another 80 lbs.

If you are wondering if you can take your kayaks, you need to carefully consider the implications.  There will be flat water and white water.  You need store four days of personal gear and troop gear and keep it dry.  We are traveling as a group and need to stick to a schedule to reach our destination.  What happens to one person affects the whole group.

Please sign up (if you are definitely going) on the troop website as soon as possible, so that I may continue to make plans.  If you are a maybe, please contact me and let me know now so that I can talk you into it, keep you in the loop and form plan B in my head.  Please don’t wait until the week before and surprise me, you may not be able to be included.

If you have any question please feel free to contact me.

Robert Gercken


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