Backpacking Trip April 13-14 2019

Hillside Park

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We will plan the menu at our next meeting.

Meet at CSUMC 7:45 am on Saturday.

We will hike with all of our gear on our backs to Hillside Park.

Sunday morning, we will break camp and hike back to the Church.

Ounces equals pounds,

Pounds equals Pain,

Pack it in

Pack it Out

Pack Light.


Notes on the Philmont Packing List:

  • you do not need to bring Money, Fishing License, Fishing Gear, etc.
  • you don’ t need extra clothes for a one night hike- just separate dry clothes to sleep in and extra socks for the second day.

For Extra Credit (up to 10% of your final grade), click on the link below…


Question: Where is the Bear-muda Triangle?