Troop 160 Ski Adventure

Troop 160 Ski Adventure
February 22, 23, 24

Location: Campout at Acahela (in a cabin) and Saturday
Skiing at Jack Frost
Cost $ see below .

We need a minimum of 15 people for this event to happen.

A helmet is required – if you do not bring one you will need to rent one.

It is very important that you sign up as soon as you
confirm with your parents. You will arrive Friday night. Eat some dinner, we will have Pizza for Cracker Barrel. Staying Saturday night is optional. Please indicate your interest. For example: Mr. Breckinridge – Friday and Saturday Night.

No money is needed up-front, We will collect it at the meeting afterward (A Scout is Trustworthy)

$47 - Lift Ticket only (Age 18+)
$39 - Lift Ticket only (Age 7-17)
$25 - Rental(all ages)
$70 - Lift/Lesson & Rental
$10 - Helmet
$3.50 - (2) slices of pizza & fountain soda  
$15 - Cabin rental is $225 / 15 = $15 per person   
For Example: $98.50 Adult Lift/Lesson/Rental/Helmet/Snack/Cabin   

-Staff bldg , 14 bunks sleeps 28.
-No water (Bring a quart bottle full of water – Adults will bring larger containers)
-Porta potty outside bldg (A Scout is Clean)
-Wood burning stove (A Scout is Helpful – help build a fire)
-Gas heat ( A Scout is Brave – be Brave if the heat doesn’t work)
-Gas range/oven

Lunch for Saturday is provided (we will make sandwiches in the morning). The package also includes an afternoon snack (pizza).
We will make a pasta dinner Saturday night and provide
breakfast both Saturday and Sunday mornings (oatmeal,
coccoa, etc.).
Please indicate your interest. For example: “Mr. Breckinridge – Friday and Saturday Night”.

261 Acahela Rd, Blakeslee, PA 18610