May the 4th be with you..

Whoever your favorite galactic crusader may be..

Summer camp is here and May the 4th is the day for your to bring your Parent to the Thursday meeting to register for camp.

  1. Please download and print the           Summer Camp Payment Worksheet 2017 (1)            blank form and send it in with your Scout to the May 4, 2017 Scout Meeting.
  2. Also bring your checkbook with a BLANK check made out to “Boy Scout Troop 160” as the exact amount due will be calculated at the meeting.
  3. You may fill in quantities on the form but please do not fill in dollar amounts.
We will calculate the total balance due and deduct the balance available in the Scout account.
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Congratulations to our Adult Leaders

We extend congratulations to the following leaders who were recently honored at our Dan Beard District Dinner:

Kevin Sebring and C.J. Hughes completed their Wood Badge Adult Leadership Training Course – the highest training course offered in the Boy Scouts. Along with Mr Bill Schlosser who was recognized for 45 years of Scouting Service and Mrs Patricia Schlosser for her 40 years of Scouting Service.

West Point Camporee – Paperwork due ASAP

For those signed up to the West Point Camporee, two forms are required for all participants in order to attend.
You are responsible to print out these forms and work with your parent(s) in order to fill them out.
Ms. Menditto is collecting these forms.
Please do not delay in getting these forms completed and submitted.
No one will be allowed to attend the camporee without them.
In addition, the BSA Medical Form must be completed annually and is a requirement for this event.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.