2017 National Jamboree

2017_jambo_round_patchThe National Scout Jamboree is coming in 2017!  This phenomenal event is held every four years at Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia.  If you are interested and ready to make a commitment, please register on the council webpage.  You will need to place a $100 deposit with council.   Print a copy of your registration, have it signed by Mr. D’Elia, and take it to the Scout Service and Training Center along with your $100 check.

Make sure you go to the council webpage for all the information.

The following Scouts from Troop 160 have registered as of 8/23/16.  This is an official list.

  1. Charlie Wright
  2. Gregory MacMillan
  3. Gordy Sebring
  4. Ben Sebring
  5. Jonathon Rabbe
  6. Josh Schmidt
  7. Nick Carey
  8. Caleb Gercken
  9. Brady Brust
  10. Matt Kelleher
  11. Chance VanSickle
  12. Brandon Wentovich
  13. Reinor Lowe
  14. Braxton Lowe
  15. Matt Molnar
  16. Ryan Flynn

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