Ice Climbing

Connor Tone owns the ice !!
Connor Tone owns the ice !!

Several Troop 160 Scouts went Ice Climbing at the Delaware Water Gap on February 22nd, 2015.  The weather was cold and the entire region was covered with a new layer of snow, but that didn’t stop the intrepid crew from tackling the ice.  They were guided along the way by a professional guide who helped make sure they knew how to tie-on and belay.  Its a good thing, since a couple climber slipped, and the importance of a good belay person was evident.  This is why we practice safety – so we can have fun without incident.

Many thanks to Mr. Gercken and Mr. Sebring for providing adult leadership at this event

God and Church Award

Protestant Religious Award

GodAndChurchFor all Protestant denominations

  • Expecting 9 bi-weekly (every-other week) group participation from Feb 26 through June, 2015
  • Meetings on Thursday 6-7:15 pm (not PLC nights) before scout meeting
  • Opportunity for “new to church” boys as well

 Key Elements:

  • Who Is Jesus
  • The relationship of Jesus, the Church, and you
  • Overview to the Bible: history, structure, message
  • Memorize or very good understanding of a dozen verses and a church valued creed
  • Understand purpose of Lord’s Supper and Baptism
  • Short history of your church
  • Develop a video of your adventure
  • Some service times focused for serving your church and community

Any Questions please call  Counselor/Facilitator  Michael Storey at 570.614.3707 (cell) or 570.561.0775 (home)

Student book:  $5 each either from NEPA Scout Office store or order the first night